We are thrilled you’ve joined us and ask you to kindly read this information to ensure we are all on the same page.

1. To ensure you get our Notifications, tap the 3Dots at the Top Right corner of our group page. Select, Notifications then Select All. We generally run a Live Party ONCE a week. With Catalog shopping posts thrown in here and there!

2. Every piece of RockCandy is hand crafted and made with natural stones and leathers. The collection is meant to be unique. The stones are never identical so each piece ends up being truly one of a kind. (Who wants what everyone else is wearing anyways?)

3. We do not offer matching sets, but sometimes there are pieces that coordinate beautifully together! So Believe Shannon Marie when she says “this piece is one of a kind”…or “there are no more”. Our Collectors find that the stones are gorgeous on different leathers and exchange easily to change up your look.

4. RockCandy LeatherWorks proudly holds two patents and a trademark for the Interchangeable RockWrap Collection. You’re going to experience a New and Unique way to Rock Your Style!

How The Live Parties Work:

  • “Love + item #” or “Sold + item #” Can Claim an item. The ‘Live Assistant Software’ tracks the Claims in “Facebook Time” and will make a Comment on the Feed, letting everyone know Who “won” each item. By default, your device will almost always show you that you’re first…but in real time, that’s not always the case.
  • To Keep the Parties Short & Sweet, Shannon Marie will run through showing all the items available today, then after the Prize Drawing, she will host a review of available pieces and answer more questions. Again, please stay on topic, as some Members want to shop and hop off.
  • Taking Notes during the Live is always recommended. This makes it easier on everyone during the “Review” portion of the Party.
  • If you have questions or requests, politeness & manners are always appreciated
  • The Ladies on the parties with experience will answer questions for you that fly by faster than I can see them. There’s no harm in asking a question a second time if we aren’t able to answer the first time.
  • When asking, please be clear on what item, item # you’re inquiring about so our answers pinpoint what you’re wanting to know. If you break up a question into two or three comments, it will most likely be lost. Take time to write full questions, we have time and want to help you.
  • We Are Always Here to Have FUN!!
  • Side Conversations with other members is not suggested (text them instead). Comments Fly by quickly, and for the ease of the flow and to lessen confusion, it’s best to keep the comments on topic, or responding to a question.
  • If you throw a claim up for an item, and someone else “wins” that item… chances are that’s the only one. Especially if it’s already been explained the piece is OOAK. (one of a kind)
  • The 2 nd , 3 rd & 4 th person to claim typically don’t get that item, UNLESS there happened to be a series of them and Shannon says it’s possible (and she will)
  • Passing on an item you’ve already claimed MUST be approved prior to. Once a party is concluded, No Passing or Canceling will be allowed.
  • Be Patient and you’ll Quickly get in the rhythm of how things flow!
  • Names in the Prize Drawing are always the names of the Members who purchased on the previous Party! Every Single time! Everyone who orders gets the chance to WIN!! The Prize will be shipped with your next order

Tips for Newbies:

  • Measure Your Wrist with a fabric tape measure. Our Wrists, like our feet, are a tad different, so please measure the wrist you’ll be wearing your bracelet on.
  • Take an Accurate Measurement, not leaving space and not too tight.
  • When Ordering Leather bands for the first time, provide Shannon Marie with your measurement to ensure you’re getting the proper fit.
  • All of our Bracelets and Necklaces are offered in sizes, making it possible for Everyone to wear RockCandy.
  • The Interchangeable RockWrap Bracelet is a Wrap Style, with a Magnetic Clasp and is Available in 6 Colors.
  • The Interchangeable RockKuff Bracelet is a Cuff Style Band, with two sizes it can adjust to. The Wide RockKuff is 2 ¼” Wide. The Narrow RockKuff is 1 ¼” Wide. The RockKuffs are both Offered in XS/S and M/L.
  • The Interchangeable Necklace, Called the 43, is offered in 16” & 18” and always has the 2” extension chain. Longer lengths can be made by request and will come with an upcharge for 28” or 30”.

Payments & Billing

  • When the Party is concluded, Shannon Marie will download the Spreadsheet from Live Assistant and follow that with sending PayPal invoices. Be sure to be on the lookout later that evening or first thing in the morning so you can get your payment made promptly.
  • We take the following Payment Types: PayPal, Venmo & Credit/Debit Cards. If you’re New with us, it’s up to you to provide Shannon Marie with the email or handle associated with your preferred mode of payment.
  • Payment is Due upon Receipt. The order will be canceled at the 24-hour mark if unpaid. Members who fail to pay twice will be removed from the group.

Exchange Policy

  • Exchanges Only, within 4 Days of Receiving.
  • Must be UnWorn.
  • Contact Us via Email or Private FB Message.
  • Customer Responsible for All Shipping Charges.

Ready to Join the Party?