About RockCandy LeatherWorks

Making Beautiful Things with God’s Gift of Gems

"Beauty is in the imperfections"

Like all great relationships, fabulous jewelry has been a part of my life for a very long time. This love affair began when I was a young girl, and I fell in love with the glamorous, vintage pieces from my Great-grandmother's personal jewelry collection. I was very fortunate that some of her beautiful treasures were given to me by my Grandmother. I cherish each piece and am always looking for a chance to showcase them at a black-tie or party.

My path has always been a creative one. Designing my own prom dresses and matching jewelry, working side-by-side with my Gramps to create stained glass jewelry pieces, going on to study fashion merchandising and fashion design with minors in visual merchandising, event planning, and design.

I began working with vintage Swarovski gems and fun stones... in a frenzy of inspiration, fashioning things people actually loved! My taste for classic and eclectic styles appealed to that elusive part of a woman that loves to sparkle, even if she's too shy to admit it. The relationship blossomed and RockCandy was born.

RockCandy's dragonfly image is a tribute to the memory of my grandmother, who called dragonflies her friends so that I would not be afraid of them. To this day, I still love dragonflies. "Thanks Gram!"

In the Details

"God is in the details"
-Unknown, but fabulous

This is one of my very favorite sayings! I feel it just truly underlies my whole existence and the reason behind RockCandy. Designing jewelry and working with semi-precious stones is the most rewarding career. I enjoy handcrafting beautiful things with God’s gift of gems. I feel blessed to be able to contribute to women in a way that accentuates our own distinct beauty.

Who RockCandy is for

You deserve to feel bright.

I love 💗 making women feel beautiful inside & out!!! Okay, guys can rock the Leatherworks Collection too, but I'm all about creating a gorgeous space where women can grab a glass of wine, connect, and shop!

Why Shannon Marie Creates

We are all so unique.

I have salt-water tanks and the creatures inside provide me with immense creativity and an endless sense of humor. To think of the time it must have taken to create, one by one every creature and their many moving parts. It reminds me of the care that each custom piece of jewelry gets. I create one of a kind pieces that are meant to awe and inspire.

RockCandy Leatherworks on Deco Drive

Meet the RockCandy Team

Our Team

I'll just say it, our team ROCKS! We Are All Here to Have FUN!! These strong ladies bring the fire to our party.


Jackie of All Trades

Thanks mom!


Mistress of Style


Sales Diva

Ismael Raffucci

Designer Assistant


Mini Me

Emilie Anne

Shannon Marie's Sidekick

Roxie (the mannequin)

Fashionista & Stylist

Ready to Rock?!

You can dive right in or keep digging, y'all