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DIY – Puttin’ on Your RockWrap® Du Jour



Gettin' Your Digits

Grab a Fabric Tape Measure and let’s get to this!  (nope, a ruler won't work for this part) It’s simple, take a true measurement of your wrist just behind your wrist bone.

Use a shoelace, rope, twine, dental floss, ribbon…anything you can wrap your wrist with will work then, lay it against a flat ruler. Don’t leave space, that’s my job…Next, go to the RockWrap page to choose your color and size.



Miami Channel 6 : January 2012 :: RockCandy LeatherWorks




Miami Channel 51 : February 2012 :: RockCandy LeatherWorks




Deco Drive, Miami Channel 7 : September 2010 :: RockCandy LeatherWorks


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